Consider Replacing with Full Frame Replacement Windows

February 25, 2013

Consider Replacing with Full Frame Replacement Windows

old wood windowInvesting in replacement windows should last a lifetime,
but simply installing a new window into an existing
wooden frame isn’t always a comprehensive solution.
It’s not just the window itself that’s old – the surrounding
wood frame has aged along with the window and has been
exposed to weathering and damage.
With the Restorations Full-Frame Replacement System, an
entirely new window opening and window is installed – and up
to 30% more visible glass is gained versus a typical vinyl
window replacement.

Full Frame Replacement Procedure:

  • Existing old window and surround wood is removed
  • The opening is prepared for the new window
  • Proper flashing is installed
  • A custom-sized window – or multiple windows – with exterior brickmould and sill is installed as one unit
  • No rotted wood remains

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