Impeccable service

September 27, 2011

Impeccable service

When we stopped in at R.M. Pena, we were not only met with knowledgeable and personable staff, but also a product that we fell in love with and trusted from the start.
In the winter, our heat was sustained; and at the beginning of our first summer, we find ourselves going outside to warm up – our home is extremely cool on 80-90 degree days! In addition to saving us the cost and trouble of installing AC, Restorations windows have increased the efficiency, beauty and value of our home. R.M. Pena has put our minds at ease knowing that they stand behind a lifetime warranty and employ talented, courteous and skilled installers/contractors.

With any future home improvements, we look forward to going back to our new friends at Pena for years to come. Thank you Rob Fish and the entire R.M. Pena stafff for your quality product and impeccable service!

K, E and Little M in Charlton

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