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January 29, 2015 Product Information

Window Condensation Facts

Please follow the link below to learn more from our window manufacturer about window condensation, causes, remedies and more…  

February 25, 2013 Product Information

Consider Replacing with Full Frame Replacement Windows

Investing in replacement windows should last a lifetime,but simply installing a new window into an existingwooden frame isn’t always a comprehensive solution.It’s not just the window itself that’s old – the surroundingwood frame has aged along with the window and has beenexposed to weathering and damage.With the Restorations Full-Frame Replacement System, anentirely new window opening

February 22, 2013 Product Information

Think of adding Projected Frame Windows in your home.

Do you like having shelf space for decorative accents in your home?  With the new Projected Frame Windows you can have a “pop-out” effect with room to add decorations in your new kitchen window, or you can choose to add a “Window Seat” in your dining room!  Endless possibilities exist when it comes to providing