Commercial insulation project

September 27, 2011

Commercial insulation project

Dear Mr. Pena,
The purpose of this letter is to thank you for the unbelievable job your company did in completing the Knollwood Condominium insulation project.

I have received feedback from many of homes where the insulation was added and they have noticed an immediate difference. Their condominiums feel warmer and their furnaces cycle much less frequently now that the insulation is in. I also received positive feedback in regards to the employees on site who performed the work. Tom and Jared did an excellent job installing the insulation as well as the clean up.

It was also a pleasure working with your office staff. I manage and deal with many properties and projects and I have never had a project go so smoothly as this one. Lisa did a great job with the scheduling. I can not speak highly enough of the job Rob Fish did from start to finish. He consistently kept me informed of the status of the project and any question that arose was answered accurately and promptly. I also want to thank you as well for taking the time to meet with me, the architect and the board members.

Again, on behalf of the 68 homeowners of the Knollwood Condominiums I want to thank you.
CYC Realty Management