How To Operate & Clean Your Restorations Windows


Tilting-In Double & Single Hung Sashes:

  1. Unlock sash locks.
  2. Raise lower sash at least 2-3 inches.
  3. Release both tilt latches and pull top of sash toward you.
  4. To tilt-in top sash (not applicable for single hungs), first tilt-in lower sash. Then repeat steps 2 & 3 for top sash.

Removing Lift-Out Slider Sashes:

  1. Unlock sash locks.
  2. Slide inner sash towards center.
  3. Lift sash up and bring bottom into house.
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for outside panel.

Operating Tilt-In Sliders:

  1. Unlock sash locks.
  2. Slide inner sash at least 2-3 inches towards center.
  3. Release both tilt latches and pull center side of sash toward you.
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for other sash.

Operating Casement & Awning Windows:

  1. To open, unlock lever on side of window.
  2. Turn crank mechanism to desired position.
  3. To close, crank in opposite direction and engage locking lever to fully close & lock window.
  4. To clean glass, remove screen by pulling it into house (with casements, you may have to pull up on screen clips first.)

Care of Your Restorations Windows


To clean Restorations Windows with typical glass, simply use a glass cleaner and a soft cloth.

Frame Cleaning*

Keeping your windows and doors clean means more than just the glass. Here are some helpful tips for cleaning the PVC frames and sashes of your Restorations Windows effectively without damaging them.

  • Clean window and doorframes with a mixture of mild dish soap* and water.
  • Abrasive or caustic cleaners or solvents are never recommended because they might cause permanent damage to the frame finish.
  • Mild, nonabrasive soaps* are usually safest for most dirt and stain removal.
  • Always rinse completely with clear water and wipe dry.
  • Check to make certain that drainage or “weep” holes are always clear of dirt and obstructions – both inside and outside the window or door in the bottom of the frame. NOTE: If the window is “stacked”, there may be weep holes between the units.

*Ivory® is an example of a mild dish soap. Always test cleaners in an inconspicuous area first.

Smooth Operation*

To ensure that your windows and doors open, close, lock and unlock easily for years to come, follow these helpful maintenance tips to keep your windows and doors operating smoothly.

  • Moving parts in hardware components and tracks and rollers can be lubricated periodically in accordance with the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions. Salt-air environments may require more frequent care.
  • Check weather stripping around operable window and door panels and be sure it seals evenly.
  • On sliding doors and windows, make certain track area is kept clean.
  • Adjust sliding door rollers for proper height clearances. Remove the caps over the access holes on the exterior of the door. Use a Phillips screwdriver to adjust the rollers manually. The best way to begin is to turn the screw all the way to the left to even the rollers. As you adjust, you will feel the screw “click” with each turn.

Drainage Systems*

Windows and doors often have a simple drainage system or “weep” system designed right into the product. These water drainage pathways must be kept clear and clean for the window or door to operate correctly. It is normal for water to accumulate in the sill or track area with wind driven rain. The water is intended to drain to the outside as water builds up or outside pressure subsides.

  • Keep sill or track areas clean of dirt and debris.
  • Make sure that outside and inside “weep” holes and sill area are kept clear of any dirt, stucco, sand or building materials.
  • Use a small, soft bottlebrush to clear openings.

Key Do’s and Don’ts*

DO: Clean the frame surfaces.
DON’T: Use a razor blade, putty knife or abrasive pad.

DO: Use a glass cleaner or mild detergent.
DON’T: Use any petroleum-based cleaners or solvents.

DO: Clean tracks and weep holes.
DON’T: Use oil-based lubricants or damage weep hole covers/baffles.

DO: Check weather stripping and hardware.
DON’T: Live with poor performing components.

DO: Clean your insulating glass with proper cleaning agents.
DON’T: Add attachments to window or glass without approval from the window manufacturer.

DO: Choose certified windows and exterior glass doors.
DON’T: Settle for products that do not meet important air, water, structural, forced entry and thermal performance standards.

*(c)2004, American Architectural Manufacturers Association

(c)2012, Sunrise Windows, LTD.

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