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 Dear Mr. Pena:

This letter is to let you know how satisfied we are with the sunroom doors/windows replacements your company installed at our house on February 1st and 2nd 2012.  The job included removing, replacing and finishing four sets of triple panel sliding glass doors.  We are very satisfied with the product, the workmanship, and the manner of the Pena team.

When we first saw your product at the Home Show in Albany in 2009, we were attracted by the features of the materials.  We liked the core insulation, the thermal pane glass with the grills between the glass, the R factor of the glass, and the screen quality system.  At the time, we also found your Home Show crew to be friendly and informative without being pushy.  Later, sorting through all of the materials people like us pick up at home shows, we kept the Pena card.

In the fall of 2011, when we decided to get an estimate for replacing our current Atrium Doors, we were further attracted by the professional manner of Rob Fish who worked up the cost and then discussed a wide variety of topics including other options.  Mr. Fish was knowledgeable and agreeable to considering other alternatives.  He also collaborated with us about payment options that would conform to our cash flow schedule.  This open minded approach enabled us to realize that what we wanted was to keep the look and color of what we had while upgrading to materials that were superior in function, insulation, usability and maintenance.

Installers Tom Fraley and Jared completed the installation as scheduled in two days.  During that time, some on the job decisions had to be made regarding construction approaches to the exterior trim and sill support.  Rob Fish was there also, and the four of us looked at the situation and discussed the pros and cons of two different treatments.  In essence, I was not told what was going to be done; rather, I was asked what I preferred.  Having been included in the decision, I made the right choice and my wife and I are very satisfied with the functional and esthetic appearance of the exterior trim.  The same applied to the wrapping of the sill support.  The crew brought three different colors and after some egalitarian conversation, we decided on gray which blends well with the foundation and brick mortar.  In short, we are very satisfied with how these decision were made.

The underlying key to the successful completion of this project was Rob Fish’s professional and friendly manner throughout.  From the beginning he was open to all ideas and questions we had.  No detail question was insignificant or petty to Rob.  As we got closer to nailing down the details late last fall, he gave us plenty of time to kick around ideas and make decisions.  What also typifies Rob’s quality of customer service occurred when I talked to him at the end of the first day of installation about some questions I had about details: Rob not only called me back within the hour, but he also came back to meet with me the next day.  This was important to us as customers because our of the five local companies we have worked with in the past three years…including plumbing, re-construction, patio replacement, ceramic tiling and carpeting…only Pena and Sherman Tile stopped in during the project to make sure everything was satisfactory.  Also, while finishing up the installation on the sceond day, Tom and I were briefly talking when he said, :…well, I’m a people person.”  That says it in a nutshell: Pena – people and product.

In short, we are highly satisfied with the work and manner of the Pena team.



E – in Saratoga Springs

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