Porch Enclosures

Do you have an existing deck or porch area you would like to enclose?

Expand your living space with energy efficient, eye appealing solutions.

R.M. Pena, Inc. specializes in enclosing existing porch or deck areas.  The construction of these rooms allow you to maintain a similar look to your original home.  We use quality building products, our Premium vinyl Restorations windows, Cellulose insulation to make our rooms both eye appealing and energy efficient.

Transcend Porch
Transcend Porch

As you know, we had been toying with the idea of screening in our back porch for a long time. The problem was how to go about it as we wanted it to look like part of the original build and not an add-on. Thankfully, due to the fact that you took so much time and effort to discuss the proposed build with us and left no questions unanswered, we are absolutely delighted with the outcome and only wish we had gone ahead with the project earlier!